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“I’m awake, excited and ready to get this day started! Our McLaren 650S has been Rally prepped … wrapped in a Gulf livery / Team Donut theme, rally stickers applied, magnetic mounts to hold a handful of phones and a couple two-way radios. Dash cam recorders and power has been routed to keep all the devices fully powered for the long days ahead. The real fun begins as we start to meet some of the people we have interacted with over the past several weeks in a group chat. Now trying to match faces and cars with names and online alias names. It’s a wet and rainy morning; but that doesn’t freak anyone out, this group drives and enjoys their cars and not just on the perfect days either. When 99% of the world heads out for a vacation, they usually dread the drive to get to their destination. A rally driver … well, the drive, the experiences and friendships made along the way … THAT is our vacation.” … Tony S.

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